There is Nothing But Bacon in This Burger (Except for the Fried Egg)

Saints alive, there is not a munchie on the face of the planet that can withstand The 'Merica from Slater's 50/50, a three-restaurant Southern Californian burger chain. It builds on the success of its 50/50 burger (half ground beef, half ground bacon) by ditching the cow entirely. According to Food Beast, "The ‘merica burger - a patty made of 100% ground bacon topped with a slice of thick cut bacon, a sunny side up egg, a new "bacon island" dressing and a heavy slice of bacon cheddar cheese. Bacon on bacon on bacon." Please let them be on Seamless. [Food Beast via BoingBoing]

Jerry Seinfeld's New Series Is Just Like Seinfeld Except They Never Leave the Taxi

It's funny because his car makes the same sound he does when left ajar. [Twitter via Laughing Squid]

The Definitive Oliver Stone High Times Interview, As Conducted by High Times Magazine

Jeez, with all this press coverage, the multiple appearances on the talk show circuits and the new-found media focus on Stone, you'd think he had a movie coming out or something and this is all just a huge marketing circus to rile up interest. Oh, what's it called? Savages? And it's about what? Yeah, that sounds like something I want to see high. [High Times]

Stan Lee's Cameo Supercut

Stan Lee is leading the pack in votes for "Most Desired Celebrity Grandfather" just ahead of Wilford Brimley, Bill Cosby, and Col. Potter from MASH.

The Doors - Hollywood Bowl Live