Cuckoo - Alexander Pettersson

Mmmmmmm, eggs n' bacon

Trees Are Freaking Awesome

or "Trees Generate 10 Atmospheres of Vacuum Just to Get a Drink" [It's OK to be Smart]


Not that Washington or Colorado are likely to need the support, it's nice to see big name celebrities backing the legalization movement. [Marijuana Majority]


Chicago in 30,000 Pictures

This stunning timelapse of the Windy City will blow you away.

/ducks [This is Colossal]


The Dutch Drop the "Weed Pass"

The Netherland's famed weed-selling coffee shops will remain open for business to citizens and tourists alike thanks to the incoming liberal government. The Weed Pass plan would have barred foreigners from purchasing herb (and likely decimated the Dutch tourism industry). [420 Times]