The Stoner Channel: Morning Wood, Buddy Beer, and a Seattlite's Guide to Legal Weed

Nitro Circus' Most Spectacular Fails of 2012

In retrospect, these were all very awesome ideas, they were just lacking in their execution.

AsapSCIENCE Explains ‘Morning Wood'

It's set in the "woods" and he's "pitching a tent!" Get it?


A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use In Seattle

As with any revolutionary policy change, Washington's weed-legalizing Initiative 502 has left many residents confused as to how, when, and where they will be able to spark up on December 6th. Thankfully, the Seattle PD has produced this clarifying Q & A with a little help from Gandalf himself.


Bud-Based Beer Could Be The Next Big Thing in Home Brewing

Did you know that brewing hops are actually the closest living relation to cannabis and hemp? They are so closely related, in fact, that hemp and cannabis could easily be substituted for proper hops in many beer recipes, though the high price of kind bud and the fact that it's illegal have discouraged many a home brewer from adding it to their recipes. But with the passage of I-502 and Amendment 64, many expect the price of weed in Washington and Colorado to drop precipitously—to as little as a few dollars per ounce and maybe even cheaper than an equivalent amount of regular brewing hops. But what do state regulators have to say about this? Find out at FoxNews. [Image: / Shutterstock]

Radiohead - Live at Coachella April, 2012

Yet another phenomenal performance from the only band in living memory to not bomb SNL.


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