The Stoner Channel: Robotic Revenge, Hammer Bongs, and NPH's Fevered Puppet Dreams

Dark Vessel - Rocky Curby

This tale of murder, revenge, and general mechanical mayhem is set in Waxahachi, TX which, coincidentally, is just across the border from Mom's Friendly Bender Production Facility in Mexico.

The Binger Doubles as a Hammer

The guys over at G-SPOT Bongs are so confident in the construction of their borosilicate pieces that they employed one in driving nails. That is until the karate master shows up.

Neil Patrick Harris Dreams in Puppets

Everybody's favorite child doctor (and also that one guy from that CBS show) has just debuted his newest web series for The Nerdist Channel—Neil's Puppet Dreams. In this episode, NPH's hand-powered pals explain the dangers of dream falling. [Boing Boing]

Numb - Andy Stotts

Off of his latest album, Luxury Problems, this haunting melody features the most beautiful leading ladies from the golden age of film in the creepiest, serial-killerest way possible. I feel like I should be watching this on an 8mm projector in a dank basement somewhere outside of Boston. [Boing Boing]


Le Taxidermiste

This quirky animated short from Supinfocom animation school examines the differences (and surprising similarities) in supplication that we show towards our dead compared to the deceased of other species. [Cartoon Brew]



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