The Stoner Channel: RZA Brings the Pain, Mexico Tries Something New, and GNR Does the Ritz

The Man with the Iron Fists

Written, directed, and starring RZA, produced by Quentin Tarantino, and featuring Lucy "So Unfairly Hot" Liu—what's not to love about this hyper-kinetic martial arts extravaganza set in 19th Century China? Oh, Russel Crowe, right.

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Mexico Tries a Different Tactic in the Cartel Wars

Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexico's presumptive next president, has already begun calling for reforms to the country's battle against drug trafficking. They aren't huge changes—he hopes to beef up the Federales and focus more on halting the kidnappings and killings that Mexico is now famous for rather than stopping the actual flow of drugs. This is isn't likely to piss off lawmakers North of the border too much as Nieto's been buddying up to US security agencies since the start of his campaign. We'll have to wait until at least Sunday—when the results of the election are actually announced—to gauge the cartels' response. Wired has the full report here. Image: The AP

Hydrofoam Debuts a Stoner-Proof Grow System

If your crop of choice isn't suited for the great outdoors—and the all-seeing gaze of DEA drones—an indoor hydroponic system is your most efficient option. But what if you don't want to spend six weeks scouring the 'net for a system that costs less than a grand and doesn't require a degree in hydrodynamic physics?

Hydrofoam unveiled its redesigned Emily's Garden hydroponic system yesterday designed for home-bound hobbyists and amatuer green thumbs. It utilizes a wick system that passively delivers just the right amount of moisture and nutrients to each plant. At 16x24 inches with a 6-gallon reservoir, Emily's Garden can fit up to a half-dozen seedlings on a sunny windowsill or tuck under a single grow light. It retails for $100 on the Hydrofoam website.

That's What She Said—An Etymological Study

Official Comedy examines the roots of the most versatile sentence suffix since "yo momma!" in the series premiere of Jokes Through the Ages.

Guns N' Roses Takes New York

In 1988, Guns N' Roses was riding high at the top of its game (largely on account of all the blow). Axl hadn't yet gone all Beefcake 5000, Slash hadn't yet auctioned off his talent to hip-hop moguls and people still actually recognized that there were at least two or three other guys in the band (there were, right?). And in this perfect, singular moment GNR performed perhaps the finest set since Queen rocked Wembley's socks off.