The Stoner Channel: Stevie Ray Does El Mocambo, Jim Carrey Does Stand Up, and Bob Dylan Does the Dead

Stevie Ray Vaughan Live at the El Mocambo 1983

Anything Hendrix could do, SRV could do better—that includes the guitars and the cocaine.

How Marijuana Works

Nat Geo takes a CGI tour of our insides and discusses the physiological processes of getting blunted.

Jim Carrey - Stand Up Comedy

Mr. Rubberface himself doing a half hour set waaaaay back in 1993. The video quality is garbage but the routine is golden.

S'Mores Where the S Stands for "Stoney"

Got a little extra hash oil just sitting around? Mix it with some melted chocolate to spread over graham crackers for a quick and easy Scoobie snack. You can also get all fancy like and add marshmallow or peanut butter or BOTH! [WPD]


The Complete Bob Dylan/Grateful Dead Recording Sessions

In 1987, Bob Dylan was nearing a retirement from his illustrious career but still had some loose ends to tie up. Loose ends like having previously agreed to play a couple of shows with the Grateful Dead. So, he traveled to San Rafael, California to jam with the band. It iniitally did not go well. According to Dylan,

After an hour or so, it became clear to me that the band wanted to rehearse more and different songs than I had been used to doing with Petty. They wanted to run over all the songs, the ones they liked, the seldom seen ones. I found myself in a peculiar position and I could hear the brakes screech. If I had known this to begin with, I might not have taken the dates…. There were so many [songs] that I couldn't tell which was which-I might even get the words to some mixed up with others.


He initially wanted to bail on the project, "But then miraculously," he adds, "something internal came unhinged. I played these shows with The Dead and never had to think twice about it. Maybe they just dropped something in my drink, I can't say, but anything they wanted to do was fine with me."

You can listen to the full studio session—all 74 tracks—free, right here at [Archive via Open Culture - Image: Rocking Good Night]


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