The Stoner Channel: The One with Pot Points, Dolphin-Controlled Orbital Bases, and Mr. Cat

Evil Dead Is Coming

Bruce Campbell wasn't kidding. Can. Not. Wait.

The Pot 'Point'

John Fugelsang hosts comedian Cornell Reid, 420 Times Editor Dave Brian, and Sam Humeid , owner of Perennial Holistic Wellness Center, sit down for a calm, rational discussion of the issues facing cannabis legalization today. See Internet, this is what we call "dialog."

Diagnosing a Zombie - Tim Verstynen & Bradley Voytek

To better shovel smash the head of your undead enemy, you need to know what makes it tick. This Ted-Ed animated short from Tim and Brad Voytek explains the potential scientific principles behind zombification. [Boing Boing]

Mr. Cat - TomSka

Oh, Viral Video Fame, you are indeed a fickle mistress.

The Dolphin-Run, Super Computer-Powered Orbital Habitat

In the 1970's, when LSD was still quite easily accessible, visionary architect Doug Michels devised a brilliant plan: build a space-based habitiat for dolphins (because why the hell not). It would have included a ring of labs encircling a central water sphere wherein the dolphins would be able to program the supercomputer what would run the station. The idea never really got off the ground, thankfully, because you can't run a space station on 42 alone.


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The last 4 seconds of the new Evil Dead movie freak me right the fuck out. While it certainly won't be as campy, if at all, as the original, it certainly fits right in with the current gore porn movies lately. But seems to take the self mutilation to a new cringe level.