The Stupidity of Wasteful Packaging Keeps Reaching New Depths (Updated)

This is how Dell just sent 65 screws to Martin Ørding-Thomsen: Each of them inside a huge padded envelope. Does this seem like the work of an imbecile to you? Well, believe it or not, it's kind of an improvement: Updated.


That's how Dell sent a single order of eight mounting screws in 2007, a pair per box. A year later, things weren't any better:

This is how they sent a single order for CMOS batteries. So yes, it's an improvement.. although sending 65 screws in 65 padded envelopes inside a single box seems even more stupid than sending all those separates box. Didn't the guy packing that thought that maybe it would be better to use one single envelope? I really want to meet the people taking these decisions. [The Daily WTFThanks Miguel López!]

Update: Dell sent us this note.

Dell's packaging is delivered from multiple sources. We have dozens of fulfillment partners all over the globe with different operating processes and IT systems. In some places that efficient packaging is outstanding. We're working to make it great around the world, and take it very seriously.

In 2010 we took steps with our vendors to minimize shipping, and we continue to work with partners to where efficient packaging is the norm. As far as an example like the 65 screws, in certain parts of the world we're able to do this very well and are able to ship those parts in one bag and in one box. In other parts of the world, we have some improvements to work on and we're working on it every day.


Looking at the first image—a delivery sent in November 27, 2010—it seems that they still have to work hard on it, indeed.

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