The Sukhoi Su-35 Eject Stunt Was Filmed for Kerosene Cowboys

I don't know yet if the crazy Sukhoi Su-35 pilot jumped at Mach 2.0 or not, but the scene showing the fighter flying without a canopy—and one of the pilots jumping—was filmed for a movie called Kerosene Cowboys:

In 2001 in Iraq, two American NAVY pilots - Butch Masters and Tom Craig - are ordered to bomb an abandoned plant. The order appears to be false. American experts get killed in the plant. A secret chemical device, called "Rainmaker", designed for oil fields destruction, gets stolen. Military court cannot prove pilot's intention, and gives them dishonorable discharge. After 7 years Craig is reach [sic] and famous. He manages a private pilot team, working for Top Gun and for movies. Masters is a "grease monkey" in a small airport. He still tries to investigate his old case, and dreams of his own pilot's team. In order to get a license to fly Russian jets, Masters goes to St.Petersburg... At the same time, Kurdish terrorist group plans to capture a part of Northern Iraq ... They plan to use "Rainmaker" to destroy oil fields... Terrorist's base is located in Northern Iran... NAVY intelligence offers Masters chance to "clean his name" by performing a secret ... mission ... Using unmarked planes, they have to bomb the base and destroy "Rainmaker". Doomed to death, betrayed by friends, left in Syrian desert, Masters and his team finds unexpected support from a side of "Russian Nights" jet fighter aerobatic group. Russians and Americans go to final battle side by side, and leave no chance to terrorists.


Yes, it looks like I'll wait till it hits the web to watch that scene. For those who actually want to spend any money to suffer this Mario Van Peebles vehicle at 24 frames per second, you will will be able to enjoy it in November 9.

The pilots allegedly responsible for this stunt were the Russian Knights, the Russian Air Force Aerobatic team based in Kubinka, Russia. [Kerosene Cowboys via The Dew Line]


Cribbage Left

If this hasn't been said before, please let me be the first. THERE IS NO WAY TO EJECT FROM A MOVING VEHICLE AT MACH 2!!!

Terminal velocity, even at high altitudes is around 90m/s (for a seat+ pilot MAX). Mach 2 is somewhere around 680 m/s.

The sudden deceleration, even at a generous 1 second, would still be roughly 600m/s^2!! THAT's over 60 g-forces acting on a pilot's body. At 0.75 seconds it's roughly 110 g-forces. 0.5 seconds: 255 etc...

60 g-forces is the chest compression limit in a car crash (that's with airbags). It'll crush your heart and your aortic artery would tear off your heart like fruit off the stem. In fact if there's any plaque buildup in your arteries the artery is even more brittle.

There is no way a pilot is going to volunteer to do this stunt. He is almost a guaranteed to die.