The SWAT Team Gently Reminds a Girl to Secure Her Wi-Fi Network By Raiding Her House with Flashbangs

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Here's a reminder that you should never, ever, ever have a Wi-Fi network without a password on it. Police in Indiana called up the SWAT team to raid an 18-year-old gir's house by smashing her front window and throwing two flashbangs inside because of her open Wi-Fi network. What the hell?


It all started because some people who signed on to the innocent girl's open Wi-Fi network were making specific threats about the police. The police told Eyewitness News that the threats included awfulness like:

Them showing up at officers' houses and doing bodily harm. Some of them talked about killing our wives and our children.

And serious, tasteless threats like:

Cops beware! I'm proud of my country but I hate police of any kind. I have explosives :) made in America. Evansville will feel my pain.

If it seems a little excessive to flashbang and raid a house—I mean, if you watch the video you can see the SWAT team was out in complete force—just because of threats over the Internet, get this: the poor girl's house that the SWAT team raided had its front door open. THE DOOR WAS OPEN. Flashbanging the house was completely unnecessary and seemed more like a bully tactic than regular protocol.

The police eventually realized their mistake and located the Internet gangster in a neighboring house. He had logged onto the innocent girl's Wi-Fi network because it didn't require a password. Ars Technica says the person the police were really looking for is "a teenager who admits to the paper that he has a "smart mouth," dislikes the cops, and owns a smartphone". Sounds like every other teenager to me.


Police follies and irresponsible SWAT team behavior aside, people, please lock up your home Wi-Fi networks by putting a password on it. You never want to be flash banged. Watch the SWAT team raid here [Tristate Homepage via Ars Technica]



So someone threatens to kill Police officers, threatens the city with explosives and the police are the ones using bully tactics? Just because threats are made on the Internet rather than in a written letter or in person doesn't make them any less dangerous. On the contrary due to the anonymous nature of the Internet it makes them more so. And the threats looked to be coming from that particular address.

I am tired of the Police bashing with these kinds if stories. If the Police ignored these threats and they turned out to be real and someone blew up buildings in that town or murdered officers and their families, the police would be criticized for not taking them seriously.