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The T-Rex Was Even Bigger and Scarier Than We Thought

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As if the Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn't big and scary and sharp toothy enough, scientists are now saying that they're EVEN BIGGER. Using 3D laser scans, scientists virtually weighed T-Rexes and found that those badass beasts weighed in 30 percent heavier than expected.

Thirty percent! That's a ton! Actually, it's more than a ton because the biggest dinosaur they weighed was the Chicago Field Museum's "Sue", which is the largest and most complete T-Rex skeleton around. That big bertha weighed in at 9 tons, which was 30 percent more than they anticipated. Weirdly though, the smallest T-Rex they weighed was actually smaller than anticipated which means that T-Rexes grew more than twice as fast between 10 and 15 years old. At a growth rate of about 11 pounds per day, I'm guessing that means they ate a lotta little dinos. [Reuters via Geekosystem,
Image Credit: Ralf Juergen Kraft/Shutterstock]