The Taliban Mistakenly Outed Every Single Person on Its Mailing List

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If you didn't already know that the Taliban had a mailing list, your mind is already blown. But here's a solid one-upper: the Taliban spokesperson accidentally CC'd everyone on that list in an otherwise pedestrian email, outing some people who likely didn't want the world to know they were subscribers.


According to ABC News, the list was mostly comprised of journalists, but had some other interesting figures on it:

The list, made up of more than 400 recipients, consists mostly of journalists, but also includes an address appearing to belong to a provincial governor, an Afghan legislator, several academics and activists, an l Afghan consultative committee, and a representative of Gulbuddein Hekmatar, an Afghan warlord whose outlawed group Hezb-i-Islami is believed to be behind several attacks against coalition troops.

The list is mostly used for the Taliban to claim responsibility for attacks, and activity on the account has risen sharply in recent weeks. It's probably safe to say they lost some subscribers after this. [ABC News]


I would hope there are a few high level US operatives on this list as well. What better way to gather intelligence? If I was in that position, I would sign up for everything including the Taliban recipe of the day email. What better way to know your prey?