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The Tender Loving Care That Goes Into a Single Lamp

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The work that goes into creating a well-designed piece of fixture or appliance can be just a nice to look at as the product itself. Take, for example, where Dysons are born. Or Ingo Schuppler's Schwarzes Gold lamps.


Made from charcoal and copper, each lamp has a unique, black shell to contrast with its golden, copper innards.

According to the designer:

When looking at "Schwarzes Gold," consumers are reminded to also think about where their electricity is actually coming from, since this is another vital part of a lamp. When "Schwarzes Gold" reaches the end of its life span, the charcoal material can easily be dissolved in water. Thus, the 100% biodegradable organic material is given back to nature and the rest can be recycled separately.


But mostly, the process is just fascinating to watch. [Contemporist]