The Thriller movie will be 90 minutes of zombie Michael Jackson staring at you

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You know what film was just screaming to be made? An entire feature film based on Michael Jackson's "Thriller!" And y'know what else? It's based on Vincent Price's lyrics! It'll be like Captain EO on salvia!

According to Deadline, GK Films is attempting to acquire a motion picture adaptation of "Thriller" which will be directed by Kenny Ortega, written by Jeremy Garelick (The Hangover), and budgeted at $50 million. Furthermore, "Thriller" songwriter Rod Temperton may be involved, and the movie's plot "has to do with the song's folklore, involving Vincent Price and the town he grew up in."

This news raises several questions. Will the movie be 1.5 hours of "Thriller" playing on loop or are there other songs? Is it about Michael Jackson's hometown or Vincent Price's? Will Michael be portrayed by CGI or Stan Winston Studio? Will there be zombie Michael or feral cat Michael? Does this mean Hollywood will finally buy my science fiction treatment of "Man In The Mirror?" It's about a man whose life is comandeered by his dictatorial doppelganger who climbs out of a bathroom medicine cabinet.