The Touchscreen that May Bring iPhone Pen Input One Day

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Hitachi—the inventors of the IPS display technology used in the iPhone 4 and iPad—have developed a new capacitative touchscreen that allows for multitouch input with both fingers and synthetic, non-conductive materials like plastic pens or gloves.


While we don't know if Apple is even thinking about enabling pen input in their iOS devices, it will be very convenient to be able to use the iPhone or iPad on a cold winter day without having to take off your gloves. We can only hope Apple, Google and the rest of the industry goes in that direction.

The accuracy for a pen 0.031 inches thick on its tip is ±1.0%. That's only half of a millimeter, which is not bad at all. The design also allows operation through other insulating materials, like natural leather, artificial leather, wool and artificial fiber.


There's no release information for this panel, but Hitachi will demonstrate it on October 5, at Ceatec Japan 2010. [TechOn]

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Wouldn't that hinder the slide to unlock funtion? Isn't that one of the reasons its safe to put into a pocket or purse?