The Trailer for Preacher's Final Season Is Here to Usher in the End of Days

It’s a-comin’.
It’s a-comin’.
Image: AMC/IGN

The last season of Preacher is on the way, and things are getting downright apocalyptic.


Preacher, AMC’s adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s legendary comic series, is heading toward the endgame as its fourth and final season approaches. Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), the Preacher himself, and his cohort of weirdos and warriors are facing down the barrel of God’s wrath, looking to reach the Almighty Himself to understand and maybe avert the impending apocalypse, as nuclear hellfire and bloodshed rains down all around them.

Today, IGN has released a trailer for that final season of the journey, first debuting at Comic-Con 2019, and it looks suitably intense, but still suffuse with the manic energy that’s been with the show since the beginning. Will our beloved anti-heroes be able to respond adequately to the crisis bearing down around them? Or is everything going to just blow the hell up?

We’ll start learning all the answers when Preacher’s fourth season starts on AMC on August 4.

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I’m glad they knew this would be the final season, but I do wish it got just one more season. This series is so well shot and acted. The story is good. For me this is on the same level as Stranger Things.