The Trapped Generation: Like Millennials, But With Real Problems

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Think Millennials got it bad? You Gen Xers feeling the financial pinch? How are you Baby Boomers getting along these days? Well, you're all a bunch of whiners. Just be thankful you weren't part of the Trapped Generation.


The June 20, 1965 Independent Press-Telegram in Long Beach, California ran an article about just how miserable middle-aged people were at the time. The bold headline read, "The Trapped Generation: HAPPINESS ELUDING THE MIDDLE AGED."

That's right, in 1965. That period in American history with all the space exploration and the Mad Mens and all the other things that people here in the 21st century love to romanticize.

"If you were born between 1913 and 1927," the writer Thelma C. Purtell explained, you were a member of the "trapped generation" who might be living longer and acquiring more wealth — but were still terribly unhappy.

This middle generation has never known stability. No sooner had it learned that the world had been made safe for democracy than, it saw nations crushed under dictatorships, the most ruthless since Attila. Within months of America discovering that every man could be a millionaire, it saw the country plunged into a depression which lasted nine long years.

Oh, and it doesn't stop there. Don't forget the constant threats of nuclear war and all those common poisons surrounding you.

The men and women who have been handed this world thought they had learned to control their environment, only to be warned they were liable to blow themselves to bits — if they did not poison themselves first with tobacco, car fumes, or new drugs that sometimes cured by killing. This is the generation which discovered the ego and the id, psychology and sex, not necessarily in that order. Every man was to be king and every other man became an amateur psychiatrist.

Today the human mind must comprehend ideas undreamt of a few decades ago.

So there you have it. Stop whining about how your particular generation is so unhappy and getting screwed by every other generation. Everything is always the worst and always has been the worst. Except for when it's the best. Hang in there, kids.




It's funny how humans never, ever remembers the one trait that makes our species so unique: we can adapt to nearly *anything*, and even find ways to thrive a lot of the times. It's not because some things changes and are not the same as they used to that it will be the end of us.
We are a bit like cockroaches. ;-)