The TSA in Action: Loaded Gun Magazine Found on Plane

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A loaded gun magazine was found in the seat-back pocket of a Southwest Airlines plane. By a kid. Don't sweat it, though. It was only left behind by a federal law enforcement agent!

The magazine got kicked out of the pocket and on to the floor by some (terrorist?) kid crawling around on the seats after the plane had landed in Phoenix. The flight attendant picked it up (she wouldn't even let the nosy CNN photographer take a look at it!), passengers had to go through extra screening, and everything turned out just fine, except for the fact that they were all in Phoenix.

But, seriously, nothing to worry about it—it was just a charmingly forgetful federal law enforcement agent, of some unspecified agency, who the TSA is still trying to contact:

"We believe it was left by a law enforcement officer on a flight that originated in San Jose (California) and landed in Burbank. The officer was not an air marshal and we are trying to establish contact with the agent."


Great! Glad to hear that you're doing your best to get a hold of the guy who left live ammunition on a plane. No, really, we're being mean: No one seems to have done anything "wrong" here except the law enforcement agent, least of all the TSA—I mean, it's not like it was a gun or anything.

It's just that, well, are feds really that forgetful? And how is it possible that no one found the gun magazine while the plane was in Burbank waiting for its next flight? And, most pertinent to the current news cycle, why do we have to choose between the nudie cancer machines and the bathing suit area massage—neither of which, it bears repeating over and over, have been shown to do much in the way of preventing terrorist attacks—if we can just find bullets on any old plane?

[CNN via Wonkette; Stock image of gun magazine via Shutterstock]