The UK Wants You to Know They Can See the Eclipse, Too

Image: Rick Fienberg/TravelQuest International/Wilderness Travel
Image: Rick Fienberg/TravelQuest International/Wilderness Travel

Eclipse fever is raging across the United States. Eclipse glasses and hotel rooms are selling out. Seemingly every university in the country has issued a press release in case I had somehow forgotten that, despite happening fairly regularly somewhere on Earth, this time the Moon is going to block out the sun in AMERICA.


Not to be forgotten, the Royal Astronomical Society announced that British people too, will be able to experience the majesty of the Great American Eclipse, accompanied by the below graphic. At 8PM British time and provided there are no clouds, folks in the UK will treat themselves to this extraordinary view.

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“A partial solar eclipse is a fascinating natural phenomenon, but is not of any practical scientific use,” the Royal Astronomical Society wrote in a press release. (There are many scientific uses for a total eclipse.) The RAS also warns viewers not to look directly at the Sun, so at this point, if you’re in the United Kingdom, you’ll have to find yourself a pair of eclipse glasses to see a mouse nibble out of an enormous cookie.

I cannot stop laughing at that picture above.

I guess I kind of feel bad for England—the next total eclipse visible from the British Isles won’t come until 2090.

Ah well. Enjoy your... “eclipse.” USA! USA! USA!



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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Is there a way to know what percentage of eclipse each region will experience? I’m in Pennsylvania and I’m wondering if I need to go further south to see anything of if I’ll at least get a partial eclipse here.