The Ultimate Warhammer 40K Funko Pop Is One You Can Paint Yourself

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And they shall know no fear. No basecoat, either.
And they shall know no fear. No basecoat, either.
Image: Games Workshop

I mean, if you’re gonna start doing Funko Pops from the grim dark future of Games Workshop’s sci-fi tabletop might as well make it as close to the 40K experience as possible, right?

Funko recently released a wave of its collectible Pop Vinyls based on the various Space Marines chapters of Warhammer 40,000, but a brand new one is already on the way with a very special twist. While the model itself isn’t new—it shares a sculpt with the Intercessor Ultramarine released in the initial wave—its coloration is. Because, err, it doesn’t have any?

Revealed by the Warhammer Community blog today, the new Pop is clad in plain grey, looking rather like one of the many, many built-but-unpainted Space Marines in your Warhammer collection because god, who has the time to paint a whole army of those damn things these days? But that’s the fun thing: It’s actually designed like that so you can undercoat and paint the Space Marine yourself with model paints, just as if it were a proper Games Workshop model.

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It’s being released as part of special celebrations for “Warhammer Day” later this month—a celebration of Games Workshop’s tabletop franchises designed to bring players into their local game stores stores to paint and build models, play games, and generally celebrate the community aspects behind the over-the-top grimdark action on the fantastical and intersteller battlefields of 40K and Age of Sigmar. But who wants to play a game or two of Warhammer when you could paint your very own unique Space Marine toy instead? Games Workshop even put out a jokey tutorial video with one of their Warhammer TV paint instructors, Duncan Rhodes, to show you how:

Bit larger than most Space Marines, but it turns out the technique is just the same. The unpainted Space Marine Pop will launch initially on Games Workshop’s website and in Warhammer stores on Warhammer Day, June 29.


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