The US Navy Wants in on BoatCars

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If you thought only Richard Branson and other well-off BoatCar enthusiasts were the only ones interested in being active on both land and sea, well, you'd be wrong. The Navy's eyeballing this as well. The Naval Surface Warfare Center is looking at high-speed amphibian (HSA) craft, like this BoatCar, to quickly go from land to sea to land and possibly some air too (if they get some kinda ramp going).

The Navy's requirements, however, are strict. They need to transport either two or three passengers or one driver and 500 pounds of cargo for small crafts, and 16 passengers or three drivers and 3500 pounds of cargo for the deluxe version. The same company that makes the Aquada, Gibbs, has won a contract to test their vehicles with the Defense Department. Whether we'll be seeing (or not seeing, if it's top secret) this on the water and on the beaches is still up in the air.


Half Car, Half Boat May Crack U.S. Military Market [Danger Room]

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This version of the Aquada (if it really will look like this) is very, very awesome. Looks like it belongs in Halo. If Marines are going to use it, it's definitely going to have to come with guns, surface to air/surface missles or maybe even torpedoes!

Well, one can dream.