James Bond Boat Car Available Soon For Less Than You'd Expect

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The folks in the UK have already had the Gibbs Aquada boat-car for a while, but us Bond-aspirers in the US will have our chance in the first half of 2009. The best news is we won't have to have Her Majesty's finance department for this one, since it'll be under $100,00 and be road and water legal.

The bad news is that you'll probably have to have a boat license to drive it. But nobody ever said going 100 mph on the road and 30 mph in the water came easy. Unless, of course, your name is Richard Branson. You'd get a personal escort from the Coast Guard.

Gibbs Aquada: The First Boatmobile You Can (Almost) Afford [Popular Mechanics]

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This car is sooooo much the cat's meow. An excellent idea. You have to be kinda nimble to drive it, though, since it has no doors. You have to climb in and out as if it were (I guess it kinda is) a bathtub. Note, though, the midline-positioned driver's seat. Swankerooo, I say. I don't live in a state with many lakes, but there's a little one a few blocks away from me, and I'd love the idea of jumping in the car for a little pleasure boating.