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The Walking Dead's Latest Season 11 Teaser Has Lots of Stabbing

And maybe a grim fate for Maggie? But definitely lots of stabbing in this new look at AMC's hit zombie series.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
This image from The Walking Dead's final season depicts a bloody blade in the foreground, and a person's terrified face in the background.
Is this Halloween or The Walking Dead?
Screenshot: AMC/YouTube

In a zombie apocalypse, the best weapon is a blade. It’s quiet. There’s no need to worry about ammunition, It’s just something sharp and strong to put into an undead head. The latest look at The Walking Dead season 11 has a lot of action, much of which involves knives, swords, and the occasional crossbow. You know how it goes.

The 11th and final season of The Walking Dead begins on August 22. It’s a super sized season broken into three sets of eight episodes, making 24 total. The first eight start arriving in August, and the final 16 will air in 2022. And from the looks of this latest tease, the action is not being held back in this first third.

Back to blades. There’s the knives of course, but we’re also very intrigued by Judith teaching the little kids how to use swords. That just freaking adorable. You’ll also see lots of the Commonweath in there, which is one big new set of characters, as well as the Reapers, described as “incredibly brutal, organized warriors” by showrunner Angela Kang at Comic-Con 2021. “They’re formidable in a way our characters don’t often come across,” she added.


Then, finally, there’s that ending where Maggie looks like she’s about to fall from a great height. Are they really going to let Maggie die? The answer is “probably not,” but if they were, would AMC really spoil it in a commercial? No. So, instead of a Hans Gruber from Die Hard, we’re thinking this is going to be more of an Obi-Wan Kenobi from The Phantom Menace, where Maggie will pop out of that hole, do a flip, and kill Darth Maul. Or, you know, Negan. Or a Reaper. We don’t know.

We’ll find out August 22 when the final season of The Walking Dead returns. (If you have AMC+, each episode of the final season will debut a week earlier on streaming. Which sounds like a must if you want to avoid spoilers.)


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