The White House Interns Have Pretty Good Taste in Music

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Mr. President, you have great taste in music. I know this because you have posted a few playlists on a newly-created White House Spotify account. You see? Barry Obama is just a regular guy who isn’t afraid to put Coldplay on a public playlist.

If you wanna connect with constituents, you gotta use the socials. The more buzzes the better. And if we’re talking about music, make sure that your playlist has plenty of classic songs, plus a few inoffensive Top 40 hits. From Aretha to Florence and the Machine. Otis, Joni, Mos Def, Miles, and the Lumineers. No Kanye West allowed. And no cursing!

In truth, all of these songs are good. It’s hard to imagine the leader of the free world making playlists, but it’s entirely possible he did. Sure. I bet these songs are on his Blackberry. Either way, nice work, White House.


But wait—No Beats 1 radio show? Does POTUS hate Apple or something?



Image via Getty Images