The Who Are Making... an Oculus Rift App?


The next g-g-g-eneration of gaming is set to be built around virtual reality, and veteran rockers The Who want to tap into the buzz too. Calling upon the talents of developers at Immersive, you fly around a 3D world themed around the bands history as they approach their 50th year in the music business.


Bullseyes, magic buses and TVs thrown from windows decorate the landscape, while the audio changes focus as you look at different points in the environment. Though a fairly limited experience at present, it may be updated later to include a pinball table, on which you are the ball. If that isn't a recipe for motion-activated projectile vomiting, I don't know what is.

Of course, with Oculus Rift still not available commercially, it'll be some time before The Who's VR experience will be available to all. Expected to launch early next year, it may be preceded by a limited release around Christmas as a demo for the Oculus developer community. Everyone else will be able to grab The Who's new iOS and Android apps, itself presenting a 3D world filled with photos of the band and access to the band's songs through iTunes, Spotify or Deezer. [Guardian]

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