The World Is Suddenly a Very Porous Place in the Trailer for Sci-Fi Horror Portals

Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?
Image: Screen Media

If an unexplained doorway into an unknown void suddenly appeared before you, what would you do? What would everyone else do? Portals, a new sci-fi horror film, tries to imagine what that might look like on a global scale.


Portals takes place in the near future, immediately after a research facility creates a black hole right here on Earth. In the days that follow, portals that look like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey begin popping up everywhere, causing chaos as some people flee the unknown—while others can’t stop themselves from seeing what’s on the other side.

Portals is actually an anthology film, with a story that’s broken into four segments from a quartet of directors: Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project), Gregg Hale (V/H/S 2), Timo Tjahjanto (The Night Comes For Us), and Liam O’Donnell (Beyond Skyline).

Here’s the trailer:

There is, however, a frame story that you can detect prominently there: the dad whose road trip is disrupted when one of the “anomalies” appears in the middle of the highway and he drives right through it. He wakes up alone in a strange hospital where reality seems to have shifted to a state of permanent confusion—his family is MIA, and he’s been subjected to an eye surgery that somehow enhances his connection to the passageways.

What’s causing all these gateways? Inter-dimensional beings? Fractures in the timeline? Aliens? (It’s gotta be aliens, right?) Find out when Portals hits theaters and On Demand on October 25.

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I love well done creepy portal stories! Stephen King’s Jaunt short story, SCP-093, The City on the Edge of Forever were all excellent!

Can anyone recommend some good fiction wher the protagonist(s) goes through a portal into alternate/different reality?