The World is Your Stage, With This Multimedia Party Truck

You can literally roll Visual Drugstore's MMOV and stage a party anywhere, with the multimedia off-road vehicle bringing along a stage, speakers and a projection lighting system. Sure beats turning up to a party with some onion dip.

With its rugged 6x6-wheel drive transmission, the MMOV looks more like a military transport vehicle than a portable entertainment system. Underneath the flaps of its cargo area, though, this monster of a truck can store 15,000 pounds of performance equipment. Everything is neatly packed into the back and can be setup and broken down quickly for a concert or light show.


Hiding underneath its flaps is a full DJ stage with booth that protects the performer from the elements. The lighting and sound system can be mounted outside and on the roof of the vehicle. Besides a staging system, the MMOV also has a facade projection system that transforms the outside wall of a building into a spectacular light show. Visual Drugstore and its MMOV hails from Munich, Germany so you'll have to travel to Deutschland to see the impressive vehicle in action. [Visual Drugstore and Technobob]

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