The World's Fastest Jet-Truck Rockets Through a Sub-:07 Quarter Mile

How do you move three tons of Peterbuilt tractor-trailer more than 1300 feet in less time than it takes to read this sentence? By strapping on a trio of jet engines, obviously.


Built in 1984 by drag racing legend Les Shockley, the Shockwave packs three Pratt & Whitney J34-48 engines—the same used in the T2A Buckeye naval trainer—onto its 260-in­ch wheelbase. These generate a total of 36,000 horsepower and 19,000 pounds torque—more than enough to propel this 6,800-pound semi to speeds exceeding 375 miles per hour and clocking a 6.63 quarter mile. The Shockwave is even fast enough to wow crowds on the airshow circuit by racing passing planes.

While the Shockwave itself is by no means street legal—all that smoke and fire your see is created by dumping raw diesel from the truck's engine into ring-shaped burners built into the jet engines' exhausts—but it's smaller cousin, the Ford F650 Frictionator, is technically road-worthy. At least until you light the afterburners. [Flash Fire Jet Trucks - How Stuff Works - Rhode Island Air Show]



Seems rather inefficient to put all that energy forth to reach a speed that was achieved in 1947 (without jet engines) but to each his own.…