When it comes to cup holders, most of us are just looking for a place to secure our drinks while we're driving. It turns out we should be asking more of them—a lot more. Maksim Ghyvoronsky has invented a better alternative, an aftermarket set of cup holders that tilt and roll along with the motion of your vehicle, ensuring that nothing ever spills no matter how awful a driver you are.

Maksim is hoping to raise a mere $10,000 through Indiegogo to make his creation available to drivers all around the world. But for the full experience you'll have to contribute a hefty $400 to secure the center console option that will hopefully be available this December if the crowdfunding initiative is a success.


That's a tough sell to extra-cautious drivers who've yet to spill a coffee on their daily commute. But to anyone who's ever lost a Big Gulp after a harrowing drift around a corner, the cost probably cancels out the detailing needed to get the sticky soda out of your car's interior. [Indiegogo]

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