The World's Largest Photograph Captures 365 Billion Pixels of the Alps

The latest image to claim the title of the world’s largest photograph was clearly a labor of love: It took 70,000 images, shot over 15 days, in temperatures that hovered around -14 degrees. All told, the final panorama is 46 terabytes of icy blue beauty.


The title of world’s largest photo seems to have a new owner every year. In 2009, this 29 gigapixel image of Dresden was the largest photo ever shot. A year later, it was 70 gigapixels thanks to this image of Budapest. Now, a team of photographers have uploaded the next largest-image-ever-of-the-moment, and it’s exponentially bigger—a full 365 gigapixels. Backed by Canon, the photographer Filippo Blengini spent two weeks on Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps, shooting thousands and thousands of images of the peak using a Canon EOS 70D and no small amount of mountaineering gear.

Ultimately, 70,000 images were stitched together to form this zoomable monstrosity. And it’s a tribute to the project that, even after having clicked around various other giant panoramas, it’s still insanely fun to explore. Go here, and click the “W” tour button to find the tiny human skiers and mountaineers hidden in the image. [The Telegraph]

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Fun fact: the largest camera ever was the Lawrence camera of 1900. It weighed 900 pounds and made 8 x 4.5 foot glass negatives.