The Worst Digital Cameras

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Any Tom, Dick and Jane can write up a list of some of the best digital cameras out there, but it takes a real cynical critic to roundup the worst digital cameras. Kodak, Canon, Polaroid and Pentax all make up the list. Jump to find out which cameras you should avoid come holiday gift time.

Canon A70
This camera may look nice, be fairly cheap and even received pretty solid reviews from CNET and the like, but there are hidden factors lurking making this one lame camera. Users at Digital Camera HQ began experiencing a lot of hardware flaws throughout the life of this camera including purple lines across the LCD, blurred photos, unusual colors and an E18 Error.


Seal Life SC500
Time Magazime said this camera was one of the best inventions from 2005. Essentially it is just a digital camera in some plastic water-protecting housing. Users complained on the flash working only 20 percent of the time and the camera frequently locking up.

Kodak EasyShare One
The EasyShare One burst onto the scene looking hot and ended up flopping. It was a four megapixel camera with some nice features like Wi-Fi, but a clunky interface and plaguing hardware problems has made the EasyShare One one of Kodak's bigger point-and-shoot flops.

Polaroid PDC-5080
A manly 5.1 megapixels for $90. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is. It is just a bad camera overall. Not much else to say, it sucks. Stick with the old school Polaroids—they are more dependable, as long as you can shake it.

Pentax Optio E10
Ease and affordability were the selling points of this camera. A promising 6.1 megapixels gave this camera high hopes. Digital Camera HQ reviews seemed to saw the 6.1 megapixels looked more like 2 megapixels. One user says that Optio is really an acronym for "Oh, please turn it off!"


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The Worst Digital Cameras Ever [Digital Camera HQ]


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