The Worst Places to Lose Your Phone

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Losing your phone sucks. Like really, really sucks. Sure there are apps that'll try and find your phone, but still, it sucks. Mobile security firm Lookout analyzed data to find the places where people most often lose their phones.

City against city, it turns out that Miami is the most prone to lose their phones with 52% of the city population having experienced losing a phone or having it stolen. The rest of the list is filled with big major cities which shouldn't really come as a surprise as more people equals more phones equals more lost phones. Off the top of my head, I find it odd that Las Vegas isn't on this list though.

As for the worst places to lose your phone? Lookout says it's the swimming pool because well, there's little chance at recovery once it gets all soaked and drenched. Other top worst spots to lose your phones are forms of transportations and public places. Bars are strikingly low on the list of "worst places" because Lookout says even though it's common to lose your phone there, waiters, bartenders and patrons are typically good about chasing you down. I guessss.


Do you guys agree with the list? Tell us about your worst cell phone loss stories in the comments. [Lookout via Fast Company]

Illustration for article titled The Worst Places to Lose Your Phone

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Struts MacPherson

those are ten of the most populated cities! no shit, sherlock!

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