The XBOX One's Official Reddit App Lets You Upvote With Your Voice

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Love Reddit? Love your XBOX One? This is your lucky day. Microsoft is launching ReddX, a dedicated Reddit app for the XBOX one, which will allow users to submit their own links and upvote and downvote content by — you guessed it — just screaming at your TV (Kinect required).

The app, according to XBOX's Larry Hyrb, is the first app ever built exclusively for a console, and it sure looks nifty. The left hand side is dedicated for Reddit's front page, while GIFs, YouTube videos, and pictures load on the right. Did we mention that you can pause, rewind or fast-forward through GIFs if you really want to? You can also snap the ReddX app along side any game you're playing, or if you're watching TV.

If you're in the US or Canada, you can grab the app today. The rest of us will just have to hang on till we get it. [The Verge]