Theaters Want Pricier 2D Movie Tickets So 3D Films Get Cheaper

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It's no secret that the movie going public hasn't exactly embraced 3D films with open arms. Yet for some reason Hollywood hasn't gotten the message and still keeps cramming 3D content down our throats. What's even worse is that it now seems that theaters are going to financially punish patrons who prefer their flicks in just two dimensions.

In a piece he wrote for Screentrade Magazine titled What's New for 2012?, Joe Paletta, the CEO of Spotlight Theatres, predicts that the extra charge for the 3D version of a movie will be eliminated by instead increasing the ticket price for the 2D version:

Among the bigger changes will probably see the 3D-upcharge disappear. 3D charges will help increase the overall ticket-price but, as an industry, I think we'll see a blend begin to emerge in 2012, where patrons will have a single price for both 2D and 3D films. 2D prices will increase and 3D prices will decrease.


It would of course be a ridiculous move that's only going to alienate audiences further and push them away from theaters. And what's next? Boosting the price of delicious Junior Mints in order to subsidize those crappy Raisinets that no one wants to buy at the concession stand? [Screentrade via BoingBoing]

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WTF Junior Mint are disgusting, Raisinets are bad ass you on crack my friend???