There Are Now Over 12,000 Marvel Comics on the Kindle Store

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Amazon has announced a new deal with Marvel that will see over 12,000 back-issue comic books available directly from Amazon’s Kindle store.


Amazon acquired the comics download platform Comixology back in 2014, but the new initiative makes the Comixology app pretty much redundant if you use the Kindle Store. Now, you can download single issues—be that Ant Man or Star Wars—straight from Amazon. New issues will appear on its servers the same day as they’re published, making it more attractive than the $10-per-month Marvel Unlimited plan which only allows you to read comics released more than six months ago. The Comixology apps will continue to be run on Android and iOS, but if you use Amazon’s Kindle Store, that might not matter much any more.

[Marvel via Verge]



Well, there are now over 21,000 marvel comics on my an unnamed friends harddrive, all from torrents. And before anyone screams about not paying means destroying the comics industry, I my unnamed friend spent a lot of money on Marvel between 1980 and 1991, also Marvel is buggering up their own universe so much that a little pirating of the good old stuff is not really the problem...