There Is a US President In My Tea Cup

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Here's one of those simple, zowielala inventions that will make some people smile. The ones who matter, anyway: Those who love tea. And tea parties. With rainbow cookies and carrot cake. And jacuzzis too. And famous people in their cups.

These are made by German design company Donkey Products. They come in three sets, each with five bags: RoyalTea, DemocraTea, and StripTea.

Yes, I know my dear tea purists. Having had an English wife for a long time, I know that you don't put the tea bag in the cup full of hot water, but you pour the boiling water over the bag in the empty cup. However, I'm counting that these have cords like every normal bags, and that you just hang the Queen there when the time is right (and while I'm against monarchy, I mean that in the nicest way possible. You know I still love you, Liz. Don't stop inviting me to Windsor for this. Come on. Yes? No teabagging involved, promised). [Direct Daily]


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