There Is No Carrot Nose Small Enough For The World's Tiniest Snowman

Snowman purists may object, because this smirking seasonal statue, which stands just 0.01mm wide—one fifth of a human hair—is actually built from tin and titanium, not fresh powder. But still!

The more you learn about this snowman, the less whimsical he becomes. He doesn't actually, glow blue; that's a lab-created effect. It's not actually snowing around him; that would appear to be a Photoshop trick. His facial features weren't lovingly assigned by breathless children; they were carved from metal with a focused ion beam. His nose is not a carrot or a coal, but a microscopic bead of platinum. Yet he is, undeniably, a snowman.


Just like that, except in the National Physics Laboratory in England, with a lone bacterium. Magical! [DailyMail via Dvice]

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