There Is Probably Nothing More Fun Than This Giant Slip 'N Slide

How was your summer? Good? Spent some time at the beach? Get a little tan? Whatever because it's about to look so pathetic next to this humungous slip 'n slide. Just look at this monster. It flings you into the air so you can fly and twirl and spin and somersault and twist and enjoy freaking life. Everyone's life goal should be to ride this thing once. And then again. And then again. And then again.

The epic slip 'n slide is at Ohio Dreams in Butler, Ohio. The much too fun video was shot by Brice Milleson with a Sony NEX-VG20 and GoPro Hero 3. [Brice Milleson]

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Does no one else have that inner sense that our bodies are fragile and should not be hurdled into the air like that? Water's not that soft, and accidents do happen.