Theremin Musician Plays the Super Mario Bros. Theme

Watching videos of NES enthusiasts playing the Super Mario Bros. theme on weird stuff is always fun, and here's one of musician Randy George on the theremin. What's a theremin? It's a Russian invention that's also one of the earliest electronic musical instruments ever created. Players move their hands around the Theremin's antennas, controlling the sound's frequency and amplitude (pitch and volume). Randy's working on recording a classical Theremin album—I wonder if it'll include his version of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy as bonus material. [Laughing Squid]



ugh. i could only watch about half of that. i mean, kudos for... i dunno, learning a weird instrument, but it seriously sounds like some 12 year old kid singing "wahw wah wah wah!!"

it hurts my ears so.