There's a Hole in This Whiskey Glass

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I butcher my whiskey with rocks. I know, I'm sorry. But! If I had this whiskey glass I probably wouldn't. Why? Because there's a freaking hole inside the glass. Apparently, the hole will make you appreciate whiskey more.


Called L'Art de la Dégustation, the glasses were designed by Kacper Hamilton (the guy behind the "deadly" wine glasses) and come with a metal base that fits perfectly inside the hole (in case you need to chill the whiskey a bit).


The idea behind the hole in the glass is to "create a more engaging experience when drinking whiskey". You're encouraged to circulate the whiskey around the hole and appreciate the color, smell and taste. I'm all for enjoying whiskey but I don't want to drink slow! More faster, more whiskey, more enjoyment. [Kacper Hamilton via The Awesomer]