There's Discord Brewing At Facebook HQ

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We know that Facebook staff's been meeting to discuss user privacy, but it appears that these meetings might not be the happiest of events. It actually seems like Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg might be forced to rethink some past decisions.


According to the WSJ, Zuckerberg has frequently "over-ruled employees who argue Facebook should make more information private" in the past, but now he might have to finally suck it up and provide users with the privacy tools they're demanding—the ones some Facebook employees have previously pushed for.

Either way, while the Facebook privacy drama probably won't end anytime soon, we should at least hear about the results of these meetings "as soon as the end of the week." [WSJ via Business Insider]

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I was going to say that I'm going to look back on these articles when Facebook reaches a Billion users and laugh at the privacy fears.

But then I realize I won't because this is just one more sensationalist (not this article, this whole Facebook freak out the past few months) moment that has happened a thousand times before and will happen a thousand times again, with little consequence to the actual progress of these services. This is just a sniffle that people who fear the evolution of society wish would become a full on fever, but it won't.

Do I have to remind all you privacy nuts that the vast majority of Facebook users don't give a shit? That they continue to join the site in droves, and that it would require enormous effort to provide a better value social network to get people to convert. Don't give the "that's what people said about MySpace" line because the situations are not comparable at all. Facebook creates value for millions of people, value that far outweighs their combined fears.