There's Now an Automotive Grade Linux for Open Source Cars

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There's no denying your car's dashboard is pretty dumb, which is why Microsoft, Apple and Google are all trying to smarten it up. But there's also a new open source source alternative, in the shape of Automotive Grade Linux.

AGL is a Linux distribution tailored for cars , and it's a collaborative project between the Linux Foundation and a wide-ranging list of companies in the automotive industry, including Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota and Nissan. The first release, now available for free online, is based on Tizen IVI—which is famously used in some phones, but also appears in TVs and some cars already.


So, what does it offer? A bunch of things! Here's a list from AGL:

  • Home Screen
  • Dashboard
  • Google Maps
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  • Media Playback
  • News Reader (AppCarousel)
  • Audio Controls
  • Bluetooth Phone
  • Smart Device Link Integration

Which kinda covers most bases. From the screenshots above, you can see the kind of things they're gunning for. Yes, it certainly looks like a Linux version of a car dash—but for many people, that might not be a bad thing. It'll be interesting to see how it gets used. [Automotive Grade Linux via Var Guy]

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That interface looks like a 15 year old watched 1 too many "hacker" movies and tried to design a "cool" interface. Please never put this in a car, especially a luxury car like a jaguar.