You seemed to enjoy our first Facebook illustration contest, so we decided to put Gizmodo's contributing illustrator Sam Spratt to work again. This time, he'll make one of you a Halloween portrait. Here's how you can be the lucky zombie/vampire/ghoul/random-creature-of-the-night:


All you have to do is head over and join our official Facebook page and drop a comment on the "Comment here for a chance to win a Sam Spratt Zombified Portrait of yourself!" thread there (Here's a direct link to that thread). Your comment serves as an entry into a random drawing for the prize. We'll choose the winner at 6:00pm EST on Thursday and contact him or her via Facebook.

THE FINE PRINT: Standard contest rules apply. We've turned the comments off on this post so that people who can't read instructions don't get confused about where to comment. (Hint: Not here, but on Facebook. FACEBOOK!) Please note that our artist can and will deny any requests to be painted as a sparkling vampire from Twilight. You've been warned!

To keep up with Sam Spratt and all of his latest work (including a glimpse at the creation of Zombified Gizmodo writer, Matt Buchanan), be sure to become a fan of his Facebook Artist's Page


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