These Abstract Art Pieces Are Made By Having Sex

Now here's art we can all get behind. Love Is Art is a project by artist Jeremy Brown where you (and a bed partner) create art by stripping naked, dousing yourself in body paint and having sex all over the canvas. Yes, seriously. The paint that ends up on the canvas is the result of your horizontal shuffle dance.

Jeremy Brown has a ton of different kits that include all the colors of the rainbow to make your baby (figuratively speaking) pop. The prices of the kits range from $60 to $100 and includes a plastic tarp on the floor, a specially treated canvas to lay on and 4oz of 'specially formulated' paint of your choosing. The rest is up to you and your partner's creativity (and how much you want to roll around).


After you're done rolling, just frame the canvas and you can hang it up in your living room and no one will be the wiser. DIY has never been sexier. [Love Is Art Kit via If It's Hip It's Here]

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