These Absurd Star Wars Toys Turn Heroes And Villains Into... Eggs?

The cast of Star Wars have been turned into a plethora of things over the years as the Merchandising empire trudges ever onwards - potato people, transformers, you name it. But I'm pretty sure this new set of toys from Bandai might be the first to turn them into transforming Eggs.

We actually first saw these crazy toys way back at Tokyo Toy Show last year, but now they're coming up to their release date in Japan next month, Bandai have provided a better look at the teeny, weird figures. The first set, featuring Darth Vader, a stormtrooper, C-3PO and R2-D2, and will retail for a thousand yen each (that's about $8):


Not only do these bizarre creations TRANSFORM INTO EGFS FOR NO PARTICULAR REASON, they don't even particularly do a good job of that - The Stormtrooper, R2 and 3PO just look like they've been put through the trash compactor a few times in a horrific accident. Only Vader looks like he's had any effort put in to committing to the insane idea of creating these Egg/Star Wars hybrids. He's got some (honestly pretty cool looking) curved stylisation to him to help with the egg shape, but even then, the weird butt-cape that's suspiciously egg-shaped looks weird too. And then the lightsaber poking out the top! What the what!


I wonder if these will make their way to the west at some point. As weird as they look, I kind of want one just for the bizarreness factor.


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