I mean, Alien or not, what else are you going to put eggs in other than an egg carton?

The set of six eggs ā€” three unhatched, and three hatched, complete with little face huggers to crawl out of them ā€” will be available later this year from NECA, for an undisclosed price, having being revealed over the weekend. But honestly, the eggs themselves are almost ancillary to the packaging.


Itā€™s not even just an egg carton, it comes with Alien-themed opening instructions warning you of the very obvious dangers involving the consumption of eggs that contain face huggers. That sort of silliness I can get behind.

Also, you probably shouldnā€™t eat these anyway, because theyā€™re plastic toys and youā€™d probably choke to death. So itā€™s double the warning!


[NECA via Topless Robot]