These AR Glasses Make Your Food Look Huge So You Want To Eat Less

We've seen some pretty crazy potential uses for Google Glasses, but what if instead of helping you commute better, they made your diet easier? These augmented reality glasses do just that by tricking you into thinking you've eaten more than you have. Obesity solved!

Though these AR glasses are just a Japanese concept right now, they could be the future of your diet. The idea is painfully simple: The glasses make your food look 1.5 times bigger, which makes you feel the satisfying feeling of fullness faster. Before you go and say something like, "this is freaking ridiculous," check out this hard evidence, which demonstrates that this could really work. According to Yomiuri Online, researchers at the University of Tokyo conducted a study with a mammoth sample of 12 men and women and found that people wearing the glasses ate 9.3 percent fewer cookies.


While some might argue that this is hardly a definitive study, we could all stand to lose a few pounds. Here's to wishful thinking. [Yomiuri Online and via The Verge]

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