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These are China's weirdest monuments

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's nothing like a huge, diverse nation with a tumultuous history to bring on the weirdness. Here are a few of our favorite incredibly strange monuments that could only exist in China . . . or maybe the American midwest. But we'll save the latter for another day. For now, enjoy this gallery of eastern oddities.

Toilet Seat Waterfall, Foshan


The 100m long and 5m tall waterfall is made from thousands of toilet seats, sinks and urinals.

(via Damn Cool Pictures)

Transformers in Beijing

Bi Heng, a Chinese arts student, made this 2 ton weigh and almost 10 m tall robot. The materials came from an old Chinese military vehicle, the Jiefang CA10.


(via Yeinjee)

The "Ring of Life", Fushun

This 157 m tall ring is made from 3000 tons of steel, and decorated with 12,000 LED lights. Because why not?

(via wordlesstech)

Kissing dinosaurs, Erenhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region


In the border town between Mongolia and China there are two Brontosauruses are kissing above the highway.

(via AsiaObscura and Phineas Fogg Fan Club)

"Out of body experience", Kunming


Designed by Luo Xu and erected in 2012.

(via Danwei)

Very friendly pigs in Zhengzhou


(via Sina Weibo)

Computer mouse statue, in the Tech quarter of Xi'an


About time this humble piece of technology got its own statue.

(via Adventures in Architecture)

Optimus Prime autobot in Yunnan


The 12 m high sculpture welcomes truck factory laborers to work.

(via Proud To Be Geek)

The biggest bowl of Lanzhou Beef Noodle ever, Lanzhou




BMW Z4 statue in Beijing


(via Jalopnik)


Lao-Tzu in Shuzou


Erected in 2012.

(via Shanghaiist)