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We may earn a commission from links on this page

These Are the 25 Most Popular Spotify Playlists

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Part of the beauty of Spotify is the ability to share and create playlists—we do it all the time! Who doesn't love a good mix compilation? Spotify recently tipped us off to its most popular playlists, so we've linked them up for your pleasure. They are as follows:

1) Today's Top Hits

2) Dance Mega Mix

3) Hip Hop Monsters

4) Summer Party 2014

5) Ultimate Country

6) Mood Booster

7) Teen Party

8) Cardio

9) Your Favorite Coffeehouse

10) Weekend Hangouts

11) Billboard Hot 100

12) ¡Baila Reggaeton!

13) Fresh Dance Tracks

14) Girls' Night

15) Songs to Sing in the Shower

16) Acoustic Morning

17) Deep Focus

18) Power Workout

19) VERANO 2014

20) EDM 2014

21) Acoustic Lounge


23) Greatest songs ever

24) I'm an 80's Baby

25) Upbeat + Summer Sun

This post originally ran in May of 2013. It's been updated with new data as of August 2014.