These Are the Songs You Have Sex to, According to Spotify

Music for the bedroom is no longer a case of slipping Barry White onto your vinyl player and leaning in to your loved on. More likely, it means firing up a cloud-based playlist and routing it through your Bluetooth speaker. So, perhaps, unsurprisingly, Spotify knows exactly what you're listening to when you do the deed.

The music streaming service has sifted through a staggering 2.5 million user-made "sex" playlists—or at least, playlists mentioning sex in their title—to work out what music gets streamed during sex. And, kindly, it's assembled the most popular into this playlist:


Of course, if you'd like something a little more tender to listen to on the run up to Valentine's, then Spotify has undertaken the same exercise for the world "love." But we'd stick with the sex. [Guardian; Image by Spectral-Design/Shuttersotck]

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